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In this ancient practice, which is taught by the tantra and yoga masters, you can train your mind and body to go beyod the dreaming state and enter the deep sleep state.
Yoga Nidra means "yogic sleep."  Today, Yoga Nidra has been transforming the lives of everyone wh has practiced itl.  It is an effortless and powerful deep guided relaxation practice.  It relaxses ona a physical, mental and emotional level allowing the release of subconscious tensions, habits and tendencies.  Yoga Nidra is restorative for tHe body and the nervous system and thus enhances your health.
Yoga Nidra can help:
  • induce restful sleep
  • decrease anxiety and depression
  • elmimate stress related disorders
  • relieve physical tension and pain
  • dissolve self destructive patterns
  • restore energy
Track 1:  Introduction to Yoga Nidra - 4:08
Track 2:  Preperation for Yoga Nidra - 2:19
Track 3:  Yoga Nidra Practice - 19:20